Footers in Middle TN

Footings are essential to constructing a solid foundation that supports and won’t settle. Due to the prominent role that footers play in any structure’s overall success, trained professionals must install them. Many people are unaware of the many steps that go into placing and installing footers. Here at Bushcore, we’ve been constructing and installing footers for years and understanding the many complexities involved. So, if you have a project that requires precision and tact, trust in us to provide a superior foundation.

Middle Tennesssee’s Trusted Footer Construction Team

At Bushcore, we take every precautionary step to ensure maximum support and stability. These steps include examining and planning according to the type and condition of the soil of the property. This will allows us to prepare for the proper dimensions of the footer. Depending on the structure and soil’s size, we may use a spread footing, stepped footing, or even trench footing. As professionals, our experience allows us to make the most informed and structurally sound decisions for every project.

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